Freaky Fit Challenge is HERE for 2022!

Listen up all you BADASS mamas out there... Are you ready to get fit, shape your curves, build that booty, learn how to eat for fuel and somehow still have time for the kids, the job, your friends (if you have friends) and all the other extracurricular activities😵‍💫?? BOOM, this is FOR YOU!


I understand YOU, I am with YOU, let me HELP YOU get shit done.

You deserve to know what it feels like to feel and look your'd be surprise what you can accomplish when you are physically and mentally healthy.

I'm going to give you everything you need (fitness and nutrition knowledge, tools, resources, community, raw and real talk, no "dieting" just hard work and consistency).

LETS now talk about this health investment for yourself:

This challenge is only 99 bucks (yes, THAT'S IT, $99 for four months of a complete fit transformation)!! This is what you get:

16 Full Week Training Program (when you sign up you pick either "at gym" or "at home" plan). Your fitness plan is loaded up under your name on the BWC app. You will have a daily workout that you can easily follow along to the video instruction, enter in reps, weights, sets, duration. There is EVEN an exercise library that shows you the correct form with description.

16 Week Meal Plan-receive a CUSTOM meal plan with progressions just for YOU! (Don't worry if there is something you CANNOT eat, have an allergy to, certain diet restrictions I got you, just list it on your sign up nutrition questionnaire section).

1,000's of food nutrition facts, restaurants and grocery store brands with pics loaded for convenient tracking to always stay on top of your meals (I know you are going to have to eat out once in awhile for work events, on the go weekends, etc -my app is prepared for this)

Weekly check-ins with me so we can connect on a realllll level, talk through solutions and stay to plan

In-app built in camera with suggestions for progress photos

Private group on FB and a Private group on the BWC app for convenience for support, a community full of motivation, inspiration, problem solving, spiritual and mental health support

FREEBIES when you hit certain milestones throughout the challenge

GRAND PRIZE (worth over $500) for the WINNER who has the BEST transformation

Sign up and get started, prepped and READY TO ROLL now by downloading the Build With Chels app on your phone OR you can sign up under "Pricing Plans" on my website at

If you have any questions DM me or email me at


If you know of someone who has an inner badass beech just waiting to be unleashed, please share this with her, send her my name or something to get her going. She will thank you!

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